Where do these Worms live?

We are extremely excited to say... the Worms live on the MultiVAC blockchain! They are the very first 1/1 NFT collection on MultiVAC. And one of the first NFT collections in general on MultiVAC, after the MultiVAC Spaceship & Battleship Collections, and the Asimov Hub NFTs.

How many Worms are in the collection?

There are 3333 Worms.

When was the collection minted?

The collection was minted on 12/28/2021.

How is rarity is calculated?

Rarity is calculated using the following process:

  1. Calcuate rarity for each attribute using: (1 / number of NFTs with attribute / 3333) * 100,000
  2. Sum each attributes rarity for a Worm to get total rarity

Rarity rank is then determined with the following:

  • Worms with the top 111 rarities: Legendary
  • Worms with rarities in 112 - 555: Epic
  • Worms with rarities in 556 - 1111: Rare
  • Worms with rarities in 1112 - 2222: Uncommon
  • Worms with rarities in 2223 - 3333: Common